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Hanse Caribbean Authorized Service Center

When you purchase your sailboat from Hanse Caribbean, the relationship doesn’t end at delivery.   As the only factory authorized Hanse service centre for the Caribbean, we are always there to support you.

Our base manager and head technician is Jules.   He and his team can solve all your yacht repair needs from replacing your teak deck to replacing your engines.

Our Yacht Services facility is conveniently located at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina.

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Hanse Caribbean Authorized Service Center

Yacht Management Options

Option 1 - Hands On

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Simply keep your Hanse with us among your sailing family. You are completely in charge of all aspects of your yacht, with Hanse Caribbean standing by to support you when needed.

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Option 2 - Private Use Management

ProvisioningWe can tailor a program that includes a full range of services such as detailing, fiberglass and wood shop, mechanical maintenance and more.  We can even provision your yacht and offer skipper and chef services.  This a la carte approach will allow you to design the yacht ownership experience that makes sense to you.

Option 3 - Boutique Charter Programs

Hanse Caribbean happy sailors enjoying breakfast on boardWhen purchasing a new Hanse sailboat, you can choose to include your boat as part our boutique charter fleet in the BVIs.

Our charter division (VSV) then takes charge of all aspects of promotion and operations including the maintenance of your boat.


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Fixed Revenue Program

This is the ‘Zen, Trouble-free, All-Inclusive Formula’.

Our Fixed Revenue Program limits the charter bookings to a maximum of 12 weeks per year, limiting wear and maintaining a better long-term resale value. A guaranteed, monthly compensation is paid to you.

As the owner, you have access to your sailboat for personal use 12 weeks per year, and you will always find that your yacht has been maintained in excellent condition.

Our Fixed Revenue Program is always customized according to your new sailboats’ value and charter potential.

Hanse Yachts

Per Charter 'Flexible' Revenue Program

This flexible program allows you to either maximize charter revenue or limit charter availability for greater personal use.

With this program you receive a per charter compensation; the more your Hanse is chartered, the higher your income.

Most importantly, your sailboat remains under VSV technical management and your boat’s maintenance will always up-to-date!

Try Before You Buy

Because of our charter division, Hanse and VSV provide you with the opportunity to not only sail a Hanse before you buy, but it also gives you the chance to see how well we maintain the boats in our fleet.

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Charter Vacations

VSV maintains a fleet of “owner loved” Hanse yachts available for charter. For the past 15 years we’ve offered bareboat charters and all-inclusive charters on the best maintained yachts in the Caribbean.